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Car air conditioners represent one of those little luxuries that can become essential when it’s hot or muggy outside, but this system is often the first to go by the wayside. The components in car A/Cs, from 1986 Ford pickups to 2017 Nissan 370zs, can fail due to seal leaks, cracks in the the metal tubing, overfilling of coolant, use without enough coolant and simple failure of the individual components due to wear or use.

The reason non-working A/Cs tend to stay in disrepair is because the repairs are too complex, too involved or simply too delicate for the average do-it-yourself mechanic to tackle. That’s when our customers contact the experts at Pro Auto Repair in Raleigh for help that is affordable and reliable.
Let’s take a look at some of the real reasons that your car’s A/C may not be working as it should or at all.

What Causes a Car A/C to Stop Working?

The single most common reason that an A/C system stops working can be defined as one thing: leaks.
Leaks allow for coolant to escape into the environment, which in turn means that your A/C is less able to transfer heat than it would be able to if it worked.

The major problem with leaks is that they can seldom be stopped by something as simple as “stop leak”. They will continue to persist and worsen as time progresses until the A/C experiences a complete failure.

Leaks tend to develop where components connect to one another. Pipe fittings, connectors, washers, rubber gaskets and so on are the first places where leaks will develop due to the less rigid materials used for these components.
Leaks can also develop in compressors, condensers or other components that utilize coolant to transfer heat away from the cabin. These leaks tend to be more pronounced, which in turn is signified by complete failure of the A/C.
Other components that can fail include belts. While less common, cars that utilize belts to drive the compressor from the engine, tend to experience wear due to the pliable materials used for these belts.

The last major thing that can cause the failure of an A/C system is contamination of the system itself. The system is designed to run without water, which means a minute amount of water in a coolant line can cause corrosion. Over time, this corrosion leads to the failure of components.
This contamination is the reason your A/C should be evacuated completely before being refilled.

Can A/C Problems Be Repaired?

The simple answer is that A/C problems can always be repaired. The most they will require is the replacing of components that may have undergone catastrophic failure, and the least they may need is a leak fixed here or there.

Our experts at Pro Auto Repair can fix your car’s A/C problems to ensure that your car remains at the perfect temperature without breaking your wallet. To learn more about our A/C repair services, or to schedule an appointment, call 919-803-5253 today.


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