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Air bag systems represent a necessary safety feature that is designed to help keep both driver and passengers safer in the event of a collision. The problem is that many things, from small 5mph collisions to moderate damage due to inanimate objects, can cause problems with the air bag system.

Even if the airbag does not deploy, it may fall victim to circuit faults and other undesirable conditions that could lead to its inability to operate, which in turn leads to a significantly less safe vehicle than you should have.

In the event that safety is not your concern, components related to the air bag system can cause problems. Items like the clock spring found in most steering wheels can cause electrical malfunctions that can lead to everything from check engine lights (CELs) to the eventual malfunction of the ECU, which is the vehicle’s electronic brain.

What Causes Air Bag Systems to Fault?

There are numerous reasons that air bag systems may encounter problems. Each one is related to the myriad of components that create modern air bag systems.

The air bag itself is one of the more common causes. Each one has a small amount of circuitry that both operates and integrates the air bag with your vehicle. When this circuitry fails or the bag itself becomes faulty, your entire system may encounter problems.

The clock spring is another component that helps to integrate the air bag electronically with your vehicle. When this component becomes worn, everything from your vehicle’s horn to the power steering may encounter issues. CELs are a common occurrence when the clock spring fails.

The last major cause of a failed air bag system is a catastrophic one: the ECU. When the ECU begins to fail, the car may act erratically. It may deploy, or more likely think that it has deployed, the air bag. This can result in further issues that can lead to poor vehicle performance, increased wear and a myriad of undesirable issues.

How Can Air Bag Systems Be Fixed?

No matter the issue behind air bag system problems, the fix tends to be relatively easy: new components will ensure that the air bag system functions properly.

The challenge involves how advanced the air bag system’s failure has become. A failed air bag will require minimal work, but a failed ECU will require everything from exchanging the components to programming the chip.

Fixing air bag systems tends to reduce costs, which in turn minimizes the amount of work required to fix your vehicle.

Don’t Deal With a Failed Air Bag System

Dealing with a malfunctioning air bag system is incredibly dangerous. Your air bag may deploy randomly, or simply be unable to protect you in the event of an accident.

The best option for dealing with a faulty air bag system is to have it fixed. Our mechanics at Pro Auto Repair can quickly fix and replace any failing components, which in turn restores your vehicle to top operating condition.

To learn more about our services, contact us by calling 919-803-5253 today.


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