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While there are many components designed for safety in the modern vehicle, one of the most important is the brake system of the vehicle. They allow for accidents to be avoided completely by allowing you to maintain as much control of your vehicle as possible.The problem is that brakes undergo a significant amount of wear from different forces. This can lead to their malfunction and even complete inability to stop your vehicle.Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons brakes fail, some of the problems they can cause and the single solution for brakes that are in disrepair.

Why Do Brakes Fail?

Brake systems often accumulate a significant amount of wear due to their nature in stopping the motion of a car. This creates heat, which in turn can warp and wear components. Weather conditions may facilitate rust, which in turn can create more heat during use. Damage to the brake components may occur during driving.

The simplest answer behind why brakes fail is because they undergo significant wear.

The braking system engages with the help of a pressurized boost, a mechanical device or an electronic relay. This puts pressure into the brake system, which causes the calipers to contact the rotors of each wheel. This slows the wheels, which in turn helps to stop the car.

Other components, such as ABS systems, may be involved in this process. The more components involved in a system means that more things can go wrong, which in turn is why brake problems tend to be so common.

Fortunately for most drivers, brakes do not completely fail. They experience degradation in performance over a gradual period, which can be signified by a variety of less significant but telling problems.

What Problems Can Brakes Cause?

To help you decide if your brakes need to be inspected and possibly repaired, there are some telltale signs that you can look for.

These include:

 Uneven deceleration caused by warped rotors or worn brake pads during braking

 Squealing, squeaking or screeching

 ”Mushy” brakes that feel less responsive with time

 Fluids leaks around the wheels of your car

 Check engine lights (CEL) that display brake-related codes

 Decreased fuel efficiency

 Uneven wear on the braking components of your vehicle

 A decreased ability to stop

More symptoms can arise with your braking systems, especially if you allow the above systems to persist. This is because prolonged wear on the braking system components will result in their failure.

How Do You Repair Brake Problems?

Brake problems have a simple fix: brake repair. Though this solution is straightforward, ti could require everything from replacing the brake calipers and rotors to bleeding the brake lines and replacing any mechanical components that assist in braking.

If you are unable to diagnose the problem or concerned about this critical component of your vehicle, then the solution to seeking brake repair is to contact us at Pro Auto Repair. We service clients in the Raleigh area in a way that keeps the cost of repairing your vehicle reasonable and the quality of those repairs reliable.

To learn more about our brake repair service, or to schedule an appointment, contact us by calling 919-803-5253.


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