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The catalytic convertible is a component that helps to “scrub” the emissions of a vehicle. This reduces the amount of harmful gases, which can range from carbon monoxide to more exotic chemicals, that leave the exhaust of your vehicle during use.

The problem is that catalytic converters are vulnerable to wear, age and physical damage. When these components stop working, two things will happen:

Your car will experience restricted exhaust flow while leaking harmful gases into the environment.

Your catalytic converter will be unable to perform its job, which in turn will lead to your car failing emissions tests and the check engine light (CEL) being displayed upon your dash.

If these conditions are allowed to persist, more damage may occur with your vehicle.

Let’s explore more about the catalytic converter, including why repairing this component of your vehicle is so important.

What Does a Catalytic Converter Do?

A catalytic converter utilizes exotic metals to act as a catalyst to heated gasses that escape a vehicle during use. While this sounds complicated, it is fairly easy to understand.

Carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas are two elements that escape during operation of your vehicle. The heat from your engine and the catalytic converter work together to change these gasses into carbon dioxide, a harmless gas, and water.

The catalytic converter may also trap toxic gases until they can be converted into another form.

What Problems Can a Failing Catalytic Converter Cause?

Though there are numerous problems that a problematic catalytic converter can cause, the most obvious is the fact that your car’s CEL will illuminate and it will fail any emissions inspections. This could result in your car being unable to pass inspection, which in turn could net you a hefty fine for a moving violation in Raleigh.

The less obvious problems involve your exhaust system and your engine. If the catalytic converter becomes damage, it may restrict the flow of your car’s exhaust. This will lead to poor compression, a buildup of carbon in the engine and problems with the vehicle running smoothly. You may also lose power, which could be dangerous.

Another problem a damaged catalytic converter can cause involves strange noises while driving. A converter may rattle or, in a worst case scenario, scrape along the ground to make incredibly ear-wrenching noises.

Catalytic Converters are Easy to Repair

The biggest problem with catalytic converter problems is the fact that most car owners fail to fix them. This can lead to a myriad of problems involving poor performance and the local authorities, which in turn can ruin the experience of driving your vehicle.

The best option is to have us fix your catalytic converter. Pro Auto Repair specializes in repairing cars in ways that are reliable without breaking your wallet, which in turn helps to keep our customers returning to us.

Rather than dealing with a rattling, malfunctioning or even missing catalytic converter, visit us to fix the problem. You can call 919-803-5253 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our complete car repair services.


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