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Domestic cars represent some of the greatest innovations in the past century. They are as reliable as they are graceful, but they fall prey to wear, tear and damage like any other type of machinery.

The challenge with domestic vehicles is the fact that they require a specialized knowledge to work with them. They have different needs than cars manufactured in Germany, Japan or China. These differences, though small, could mean the difference between a car that lasts 5,000 miles before it needs more repairs and 500,000 miles.

Let’s take a look at some of the unique challenges faced by domestic repairs to help you better understand why the mechanics at Pro Auto Repair might be the perfect choice for repairing your domestic vehicles.

What Problems Do Domestic Vehicles Encounter?

Domestic vehicles encounter a number of problems due to defects in their parts, wear created by the placement of certain components in relation to another, problems with heat transfer and engine cooling and simple wear.In Raleigh, there are a number of problems that you will commonly see with domestic vehicles. These include:

Squealing belts – This problem applies to all domestic vehicles. The belts used by domestic vehicle manufacturers tend to be less pliable, which in turn causes them to become brittle after exposure to heat and regular forces. Chevrolet pickups, most cars from Ford and Dodge sedans tend to be the most vulnerable to belt-related issues.

Air conditioning problems – While common to all vehicles, it seems as if domestic vehicles tend to encounter faulty air conditioners more than foreign makes. This tends to be due to the seals or hoses used in these systems. Fords seem to be especially vulnerable to air conditioning issues with models like the Ford Focus having these issues more frequently.

Worn or Leaky Engine Components – American vehicles, particularly high performance cars like the Ford Mustang or Dodge Charger, tend to be susceptible to worn or leaking engine components. This happens because of the design of these engines. Aftermarket parts and a reliable mechanic can replace melted pistons, scored engine walls, leaking valve cover seals are more to ensure that your domestic car has the torque and power to go with the absence of leaks in your favorite parking spot.

Suspension Issues – Domestic vehicles are generally built with robust suspension systems, but they tend to falter with age. Struts can, for example, fail within two to three years due to the prevalence of bumps, pot holes and other problems with the road. From bent control arms on your Dodge Charger to replacing the bushings on your Dodge Caravan, we can resolve any suspension issues with your domestic vehicle to ensure a smooth ride.

Domestic Vehicles Have More Than Domestic Problems

Domestic vehicles have their own unique subsets of issues that they are susceptible to, but it’s vital to remember that domestic problems are not the only problems that domestic vehicles encounter. They are cars, and as such as vulnerable to electrical issues like failing ignition coils, faulty spark plugs and shorts.The best way to ensure that your domestic runs like it should is to turn to our experienced mechanics at Pro Auto Repair. We have the expertise required to diagnose and solve any issue with your vehicle, from suspension problems to ignition issues.

To learn more about our services, contact us by calling 919-803-5253 today.


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