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While many components work in unison to make a vehicle work, the most crucial of those components is the engine. It is where every ounce of power is generated to drive the vehicle, which in turn is used to turn the wheels, brake the car, power the alternator and perform countless other functions.

When the engine begins to encounter issues, whether those issues be from simple wear or from damage caused by anything from a car accident to neglect, the entire vehicle begins to perform short of where it should. This leads to decreased fuel efficiency, problems acquiring power and a significant number of conditions that will lead to the vehicle becoming inoperable.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the major types of engine problems that may require engine repair before examining how the pros at Pro Auto Repair can help.

What Kind of Engine Issues Commonly Appear?

While there are an incredibly long list of issues that could occur with engines, some are significantly more common than others. These include items affected by wear and tear, damage, improper repairs and even modifications that some people may make to their engines. Some of the more common engine issues that vehicle owners run into include:Timing Belt Problems – The timing belt works to keep the various gears and pulleys of the engine in line with one another, which in turn keeps the engine running on time. Various conditions, ranging from heat and rain to just use of the engine, can cause this belt to lose teeth or become stretched. Replacing these belts, while straightforward, tends to require some work.

Leaky Seals – The engine in most cars is comprised of several sections. Each section is joined using a seal, which in turn prevents gas, oil and air from escaping to places it should not. When these seals become worn, they can leak these items into different places that they should not. This can cause everything from compression issues to misfires.

Worn or Torn Engine Mounts – The engine mounts provide a cushion for the engine and the chassis of the car. When these mounts become worn, the engine begins to move and vibrate excessively. This can impair the comfort of your vehicle, cause the engine to contact things it shouldn’t, and cause more wear on certain parts than it should.

Bent Rods and Shattered Pistons – While the more common engine issues tend to be less serious, bent connecting rods and damaged pistons represent overheating and other serious conditions for an engine to face. These problems typically occur when the radiator isn’t working, the engine components are not lubricated properly, or the engine is exposed to excessive heat due to modifications to the car.

No Engine Problem is Too Big to Repair

While some engine issues can be significantly more involved to repair than others, one thing is common with all these issues: they can be fixed by our mechanics.
From replacing worn timing belts to completely rebuilding engines, our mechanics at Pro Auto Repair can do it all. Our knowledge, expertise, and equipment ensure that your car, no matter if you drive it in or have it towed to our shop, will leave running like it was new.

To learn more about our engine repair services, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 919-803-5253 today.


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