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Full Service Ferrari Repair Raleigh, NC

Ferrari is a manufacturer that is based in Italy. It has been around since 1939. It was founded by Enzo Ferrari. This is one of the most popular car brands in the world. It is also one of the most expensive car brands. The 2005 575 Superamerica, The 2009 F430 Scuderia Spider 16M The 2012 SuperAmerica 45 and the 2016 Ferrari F12df are some of the most popular Ferrari brands you might see in Raleigh.

Ferrari is one of the most reliable car manufacturers in the world. However, it is known for having engine problems. Lawsuits were filed in 2016 because people stated that the 2004 to 2009 Ferrari F30 cars had engine problems. They stated that the engine had defects that eventually caused engine failure.

People stated that the engine could fail at any time. Driving at a high speed increased the chances of the engine failing. This is a safety hazard.

It is important for you to get your Ferrari engine repaired as soon as possible if you notice a problem. Getting the problem repaired quickly can prevent your car from completely breaking down. There are a number of signs that suggest you have an engine problem.

The Check Engine Light is On

Many people ignore the check engine light because it may come on for no reason. However, the check engine light is often the first sign that you will notice if there is something wrong with your engine. That is why if the light has been on for a long time, then it is time to see a mechanic.

Your Car is Jerking

Your car should never jerk. If it does jerk, then an engine problem may be the culprit. This problem may also be caused by a clogged filter or a problem with the spark plugs. Only a mechanic can pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

Unusual Noises

You should not hear a tapping, grinding or popping noise while you are driving. Many people also notice noises when they are attempting to start their car. Any unusual noise should be inspected by a mechanic.

Foul Smells

Cars can produce odors because they are constantly burning gasoline and oil. However, a strange odor may indicate that there is engine trouble. It may also indicate that there is a coolant or oil leak.


Smoke can come out of the back or front end of your car. This is never a good sign. It is likely caused by your engine overheating.

You should contact Pro Auto Repair at 919-803-5253 if you notice a problem with your Ferrari. You can get a free estimate from the best Ferrari repair shop in Raleigh.


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