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All North Carolina vehicles that are under 35-years-old are required to undergo a yearly inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the vehicle is safe enough to be driven on the road. Your windshield wipers, brakes, headlights, accessory lights and parking brakes will be looked at during an inspection.

It is important to take your car to a mechanic before you get it inspected. This will ensure that you pass the inspection. There are several things that can cause you to fail the inspection.

Your Car is Not Running Right

If your car is not running properly, then it will fail the inspection. Even if this is caused by a minor problem, you will still likely fail the emissions test. There is no need for you to try to find the problem yourself. You should take it to the mechanic so that the problem can be properly addressed.

The Check Engine Light is On

Many people ignore the check engine light. In many cases, the check engine light is not an indication that something serious is going on with your car. However, your car will still likely fail the inspection if the check engine light is on. A mechanic can correct the problem that is causing your check engine light to be on.

The Oil Needs to be Changed

If it is time for your car to get its oil changed, then you will need to do so before getting an inspection. The oil affects the efficiency of your car. Regular oil changes are also an important part of vehicle maintenance.

Your Headlights and Tail Lights are Out

You need to have broken tail lights and headlights fixed as soon as possible. Not only will these problems cause you to fail your car inspection, but you could also receive a ticket. This is considered driving without the proper equipment.

Your Brake Pads are Worn Out

The brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. They could be the only thing that determines whether you avoid getting into a serious accident. That is why if the brake pads are worn out, then you will automatically fail your inspection.

If you are looking for a company that can inspect your vehicle before a state inspection, then you will need to contact Pro Auto Repair at (919) 803 – 5253. We will ensure that every part of your vehicle is working properly.


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