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Full Service Suzuki Repair Raleigh, NC

suzuki repair raleigh nc auto repair shop

Suzuki is a Japanese motor company that has been around since 1909. It was founded by Ash Duttam and Michio Suzuki. The Suzuki Wagon R, the Suzuki XL7, the Suzuki Ertiga and the Suzuki Aerio are some of the cars that have been produced by Suzuki.

Any Suzuki car is a smart buy because the cars are known for being reliable. However, there is no such thing as a perfect car. Suzuki cars can develop problems just like any other car. It is important to contact a mechanic as soon as possible if you have a problem with your Suzuki car.

Engine Intermittently Cuts Off

Many Suzuki owners notice that their engine intermittently cuts off. This can be dangerous if it occurs while one is in heavy traffic. A faulty crank angle sensor is one of the things that can cause your engine to intermittently cut off. You will likely need to get the crank angle sensor replaced in order to correct this problem.

Brake Problems

There are a number of brake problems that a Suzuki can develop. Many drivers have complained that the brakes are weak, and it takes them a long time to come to a stop. This greatly increases the risk of a serious accident. Others have complained that the brakes wore down prematurely.

There were 1,600 Suzuki XL7 vehicles recalled in 2005 because of a braking problem. People complained that they had problems braking when they had to make an emergency downhill stop. In 2003, there were over 200,000 vehicles recalled. People complained about weak cables in the speed control system.

Alternator Failure

It is common for the alternator in Suzuki vehicles to fail. If your alternator has failed, then you will probably have problems starting your car. You will need to have the alternator replaced if it has failed.

Engine Idling

The engine idling while the car is not in motion is a common issue in Suzuki cars. In many cases, a faulty idle speed sensor is the cause of this problem. You will need to get the sensor replaced in order to correct this problem.

Excessive Road Noise

Many Suzuki owners have complained about excessive road noise. They stated that this noise is most noticeable when they drive at high speeds. It is important to take your car to the mechanic so that the cause of the problem can be pinpointed. Pro Auto Repair is here to fix the problems that your Suzuki has. You can call us at 919-803-5253 or fill out our contact form in order to get an estimate. Contact the best Suzuki auto repair shop in Raleigh today.


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