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If you keep a vehicle long enough, it is almost inevitable that your car will need transmission repair at some point. If you notice problems with your transmission, it is important to get them repaired as soon as possible. There are a number of signs suggest your transmission is in need of repair.

Problems Shifting Gears

If you have a problem shifting your gears, then this is an indication that there is something wrong with your transmission. You may notice that your car jerks when you shift gears. You may also notice that your car shifts gears for no reason. Additionally, the car may shift gears while you are driving.

Fluid Leak

Your transmission should never leak. If you notice fluid in your garage floor or driveway, then this is a sign that your transmission is leaking. The fluid is typically red in color, but it can also be brown. There is transmission fluid that you can buy at a store or online. However, it is best for you to let a professional refill the transmission. If you overfill the fluid, then this can cause additional issues with your transmission.

Burning Odor

You may notice a burning odor when you get out of your vehicle. This is a sign that the gears are overheating due to excessive friction. It can also indicate that your transmission is going bad.

Unusual Noises

Your car should not be making excessive noise. If you notice a whining and buzzing noise, then this is likely caused by a transmission issue. You may notice these sounds even when your car is in neutral. There are several things that can cause transmission noises. However, the noise should never be ignored.

Delayed Engagement

You may notice that it may take a while for the car to engage and move forward when you shift from park to drive. You may also notice that it takes a long time for the engine to rev.

A Warning Light

A check engine light is not always an indication that something is wrong. However, if you notice a check engine light along with some of the aforementioned symptoms, then your transmission likely needs to be repaired. You will need to have the problem checked by a professional.

Transmission problems should never be ignored because they will only get worse. If you need a company to repair your transmission, then you will need to contact Pro Auto Repair. We can repair your transmission as well as correct other problems that your vehicle has.


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